Arjan Singh Marshal of Indian Air Force Expired Passed away Died today September 16th 2017:


Arjan Singh Marshal of Indian Air Force died at the age of 98 in Army Research and Referral Hospital. He is the only Indian Air Force five-star rank Officer. He got the Padma Vibhushan award in the year 1965. Arjan Singh got retired at the age of 50 in the year 1970. In the year 1971 he appointed as the Switzerland’s Indian Ambassador.

Rest In Peace: IAF Arjan singh
On Saturday September 16, Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh died the Army Research and Referral Hospital. He was admitted in the critical situation at the hospital after that we heard news that he was passed away. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman visited the Marshal at the Delhi hospital.
He was born in the Punjab town of Lyallpur, 15 April 1919. He was 98 and was promoted five-star ranked in 2002. He was Prouded by giving the award Padma Vibhushan for his leadership during war in 1965. He was the last Indian Armed Forces Officer with a Five star rank. He got his retirement on August 1970 at the age of 50. After retirement he appointed as Indian Ambassador to Switzerland.


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