Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth will do join politics in Tamil Nadu?


Expectation from Tamil Nadu people Who is the first joiner in Politics? Super star or Ulaganayagan
Kamal Haasan said if Tamil Nadu people gives the strong signal to him, he will definitely join in Politics. He on Friday said if Rajinikanth comes to politics that he would like to work with him. Even though they two are rivals of the same industry.He also said If Rajinikanth comes to politics we can talk, won’t I join him? said in a Political Party.
Still it is a mystery that any political party will Kamal join? on the other hand the question raises against Rajinikanth that is “Is he joins politics or not?”. According to the people, they expect that he will join in CPI party by his visit to the Kerala to meet Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan may trigger to join in CPI.

Expectation from Tamil Nadu people?
According to the joining propose in Politics of Kamal, most of the people have more expectations with Kamal. Because now a days politics gone to worst in Tamil nadu. There is also lot more partitions in single political party with more domination among them. With these issues, most of the tamil nadu people have Discontented in Tamil nadu government. Among these issues, Will Kamal rule a strong government, if they elect him as CM? Is he solve all the issues caused by the Central government? Why did his involvement seems poor during Jeyalalitha’s government? Why he join Politics after Jayalalitha’s dead? Is he a foul player? Is there any genuine reason behind this new apparent talk from Kamal? Well keep calm to know all the answers, if you ask me. Let’s wait and see the final conclusion made by the Bigg Boss hoster.


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