Ranbir Kapoor Dating Mahira Khan – Caught together smoking in New York – Photos Going Viral:


Is Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan are in dating? Latest Leaked Photos
Ranbir Kapoor break through the internet with his personal life, not for is movies. His photos with Mahira Khan, Pakistani actress become viral on Twitter. Sources rumoured that Ranbir and Mahira Khan are in their dating session. The rumour’s birth place is from Dubai’s Global Teacher Prize event in March and spread over the Internet.
During Dubai’s Global Teacher Prize event, the source also include that the comradeship between those two celebrities revealed from this event. On the event both Mahira and Ranbir walked the red carpet together and looked cordial with each other in front of the cameras. On seeing their chemistry, many rumours spread about their dating, and both cleverly said that they are happily single.
After few months after, that Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan both are caught up in New York City on Smoke breaking. In many photos s which are going viral, Ranbir and Mahira are seen smoking on the streets of New York. While Ranbir seems to very sleep Dutt look for Rajkumar Hirani’s “Biopic” on Sanjay Dutt, other hand Mahira is wearing a White dress with elegant look.
Ranbir have gone to New York for his film shooting of Biopic movie. What Mahira khan doing on New York? Is she go for any other film shoot? May be she was there for her work too. But most of the people on social media advised both with “Smoking cause injurious to health”.


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